Ukazał się ósmy numer czasopisma Access to Justice in Eastern Europe (AJEE Journal) – 4/2020.



  • Editor-in-Chief ’s Note About Issue 4/2020

Research Articles

  • C.H. Van Rhee, E.A. Maan, Civil Procedure Reform: the Way Forward
  • O. Uhrynovska, Novelization of Civil Procedural Legislation of Ukraine in Cassation Review: Panacea or Illusion?
  • O. Ovcharenko, T. Podorozhna, Judge Lustration in Ukraine: National Insights and European Implications
  • O. Kaplina, S. Fomin, Proportionality of Interference with the Right to Peaceful Enjoyment of Property During the Seizure of Property in Criminal Proceedings in Ukraine
  • L. Ervo, Debtors Protection and Enforcement Efficiency According to Finnish Law

Case Notes

  • R. Kuibida, Constitutional Court Strikes the Anti-Corruption System in Ukraine
  • P. Voitovych, R. Ennan, V. Voloshyna, Criminal Liability for the Infringement of IP Rights: Ukraine and the European Court of Human Rights Case Law

Reforms Forum

  • I. Basysta, I. Shepitko, O. Shutova, Protection and Risks of Illegal Divulgation of Banking Secrecy in Ukrainian Criminal Proceeding


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